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2015 December Newsletter

CLICK HERE FOR PDF VERSION SUPPORTING SYRIAN REFUGEES: VOLUNTEER WITH VCN! As Canada welcomes 25,000 Syrian refugees across Canada by the end of March 2016, at the community level Canadians are rallying to provide immediate, essential services, and long-term settlement support new refugees. Here at VCN, we are fully committed to ensuring a safe haven,… Read more »

2015 November Newsletter

RECODING OF STREET MESSAGING SYSTEM IN FULL SWING With funds awarded by TELUS to advance the architecture of the Street Messaging platform, recoding of the website is well underway! Our mighty team is hard at work to incorporate feedback and features suggested by community workers and clients to improve the system. Follow the project’s new… Read more »

VCN help|desk Supports Community Members: Success Story

Through Homeless Advocate Judy Graves, for the past several months *Eagle Little Boy has been consistently dropping by the second floor of the Woodward’s building to access VCN’s computer terminals and community support. Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Eagle Little Boy relocated to Vancouver in 1992 with the help of his cousin. As with many youth… Read more »

2015 October Newsletter

SNACK AND CHAT COMMUNITY CONSULTATIONS During this year’s Homelessness Action Week, October 12th to 19th, VCN accessed funding from the City of Vancouver to host a series of face-to-face consultations with leading professionals in the sector and residents of DTES Vancouver to share input on the Street Messaging System. As the system continues to develop… Read more »

2015 September Newsletter

CLICK HERE FOR PDF VERSION   CITY OF VANCOUVER FUNDS STREET MESSAGING SYSTEM FOR HOMELESS ACTION WEEK Thanks to a grant awarded to The Vancouver Community Network (VCN) from the City of Vancouver, we will be hosting ‘Snack and Chat’ sessions on the Street Messaging System (SMS) from October 12 – 15th. These sessions will… Read more »

2015 August Newsletter

VCN BOARD PRESIDENT JIM SAYRE IN MEMORIAM James (Jim) Sayre passed away in the early hours of August 25th from esophageal cancer. Jim used his law degree to assist the disadvantaged, representing clients of the Community Legal Assistance Society (CLAS) in the areas of Workers’ Compensation and Employment Insurance law. Jim played a big part in… Read more »

Spam reporting

A bug was fixed with the “Spam” and “Not Spam” buttons on Squirrelmail/webmail. The buttons will now work correctly and a message will appear indicating the action completed successfully. For people that do not use Squirrelmail/webmail, you will also now have two new folders named “Learn Spam” and “Not Spam”. Messages in “Learn Spam” will… Read more »

2015 July Newsletter

VCN RECEIVES FUNDING FOR YI PROGRAM FOR 2015-16 The Vancouver Community Network (VCN) is happy to announce that we have received federal funding to continue the Youth Internship Program in 2015-2016. VCN has been running the YI program since 2003, connecting over 600 youth with impactful nonprofit/community organizations across Metro Vancouver. Funded under the Youth… Read more »