Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the group of volunteers who guide the Vancouver Community Network’s policy directions. They are elected once per year by the VCN membership at an annual general meeting.

Email to the Board may be sent to: [email protected]

You can learn more about what’s involved in being a VCN board member.

The current Board, elected by the Membership at as of May 27 2021 Annual General Meeting is as follows:

✔ Craig McLachlan, President, 19 years

Organizer and advocate for injured and disabled workers, both provincially and nationally. Member of the steering committee of the BC Canadian Injured Workers Alliance and founder of the CompoNet website, a resource site for worker’s compensation issues. Has considerable experience in facilitating email lists, internet communication and online meeting and organizing.

✔ Nick Hamill, At Large 6 years

Chartered Professional Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Victoria. Experienced working with Not-for-profits and serving on several boards in greater Vancouver. Currently works in accounting at a local technology company.

✔ Brendan Houle, At-large, 10 years

Local business owner and entrepreneur. Holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from the University of Victoria. Has developed new branding strategies for one of Vancouver’s oldest non-profit organizations. Nineteen-year engagement in local online communities. Continues to be passionate about the free use and availability of online communication tools.

✔ Tony Swain, At-large, 9 years

Retired Applied Science technologist, who worked in the mechanical and aeronautical design industry. Until recently, a long-time volunteer for the GVRD Parks Partnership at Delta Heritage Airpark, the BC Aviation Council, and the Canadian (Aircraft) Owners & Pilots Association. Feels it critical that VCN continue to pro- vide it’s valuable service to other none commercial and low-income users!

✔ Patrick Clark, At-large, 5 years

Long-time computer enthusiasts and disability social justice activist. Past Non-profit board and committee experience include: “HandyDart” advisory committee, board member Voice of Cerebral Palsy of greater Vancouver. Freelance web designer in the 80s and 90s, worked with non-profit groups such as “Pace” and grass root businesses such as “Lunch à la kart”. Core motivations: I feel that is very important that all persons within society have access to, and the opportunity to learn, any technology, which empowers them. Thereby helping to ensure, dignity, safety and involvement with society.

✔ Andranik Pogosian, At-large, 2 years

Social-political-humanitarian enthusiast, and advocate of social justice.  Chairman of the board of Directors for Non-profit org. “Canada Global”- Humanitarian Actions Society (www.cghas,ca) Core motivations: It is important that all persons within society have access to, and the opportunity to Listen, Learn, and Lead the technology, which empowers them. Thereby helping to ensure, dignity, safety and involvement within society. Day by day, step by step we do increase a mind improve a life.

✔ Renée M. Fountain, At-large, First year

Retired professor of Technology Education. Research in Science, Technology and Society studies. Avid advocate of Free Software. Extremely interested in Mental Health. Recently completed a year-long course with Gabor Mate called “Compassionate Inquiry”, a therapeutic approach to trauma. Presently live and volunteer in the Downtown Eastside.

✔ Barbara Waldern, At-large, First year

Barbara Waldern has worked primarily in education with some professional writing on the side for many years. She holds a Masters Degree in Anthropology, a diploma in social issues and a Bachelor of Arts Degree all from SFU. She considers her main career, though, to be the decades-long grassroots activism for just peace, human rights and international solidarity.