User Agreement

The vision statement of the Vancouver Community Network (VCN) states that:

“VCN strives to be an inclusive, multicultural, community-based organization that ensures free, accessible electronic creation and exchange of the broadest range of information, experience, ideas and wisdom.”

This user agreement outlines the responsibilities of both the community network and its users and members so that this vision statement reflects the reality of our community online.

My responsibilities as a member or user of VCN:

1.   I understand that I am participating in a community of users of the Vancouver CommunityNet system and the internet community at large and that it is essential for me to treat others in these communities with humanity and respect. Therefore, while using the system,

a.   I will conduct myself in a responsible, decent, ethical, and polite manner;

b.   I will be responsible for the information I choose to access, send, or display on the system; or for information that anyone else accesses, sends or displays using my account; and

c.   I will be responsible for reporting to the board of VCN instances where I feel abuses have occurred.

2.   I understand that my use of the system is a privilege that is granted by the Board of Directors. I agree to abide by the following conditions:

a.   I have given true and accurate information on my registration form.

b.   I am the only person to use my login ID and password.

c.   I do not place unlawful materials on the system.

d.   I do not use the system for commercial purposes, including conducting business and advertising or selling commercial services.

e.   I do not seek to establish a doctor/patient, lawyer/client, or similar professional relationship with any of the information providers or other users of the system.

f.   I do not put defamatory materials on the system.

g.   I will not use the services of the VCN to promote views or access to groups promoting views which are discriminatory or hateful.

h.   I will not post a single article or similar articles to an excessive number of newsgroups. I will not continue to post articles to newsgroups that provoke complaints from regular readers because they are off topic.

i.   I will not send large numbers of unsolicited emails to individuals or organizations, either VCN members or users or other users of the internet.

j.   I will not harass other individuals on the internet (either VCN users or members or any other individuals or organizations) by continuing to send them messages after they have asked me to stop doing so.

k.   I will abide by such rules and regulations of system usage that may be publicly announced from time to time by VCN.

3.   I agree to compensate the VCN and its Board of Directors for any loss suffered by any of them by my improper use of the system.

4.   I agree that I will not sue the VCN, its Board of Directors nor its staff, if another user defames me on the system. ?

5.   I understand that any financial donation that I make to VCN is not refundable.

6.   I release the VCN, its Board of Directors and staff, and any institutions with which they are affiliated, from any and all claims of any nature arising from my use of the system, or from my inability to use the system.

VCN’s responsibilities as a community information provider

(This section does not apply to individual users)

1.   I understand that the VCN has the right to review, edit or remove information stored in the system to which users have access.

2.   I understand that the VCN does not guarantee that the functions of the system will be error-free or uninterrupted, or that it will meet any specific requirements that I may have.

3.   I understand that the VCN is not liable for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages caused by the use or operation of the system, or my inability to use the system.

4.   I understand that VCN is committed to ensuring that any information submitted by a member or user is not released to other individuals or organizations. The one exception to this rule is that VCN is obliged to disclose any information necessary to satisfy any laws or regulations.

5.   I understand that VCN does not censor or monitor content on the server, except as it violates any of the rules as set out in this User Agreement. I understand that if I do not follow the terms in this agreement, the Board of Directors may revoke my privilege to use the system. Termination of accounts

a)   What happens first:

  • 1.   You will receive a warning notice by email from the system administrator if an individual or organization complains that you have done something that violates the user agreement.
  • 2.   If you persist in what you are doing after receiving the warning, your account will be terminated.

b)   The appeal process o VCN has an Appeal Committee, consisting of three members of the board of directors. If your account is terminated, you have the right to appeal the decision to this Committee. The process is as follows:

  • Step One: Write a letter to the “Appeal Committee” of the VCN Board of Directors, 280 – 111 West Hastings St. Vancouver, BC, V6B 1H4, explaining why you feel you have not violated the terms of the user agreement.
  • Step Two: The Appeal Committee will review your letter, as well as information from the system administrator as to why your account was terminated.
  • Step Three: The Appeal Committee will send you by mail the information that they have received and give you time to respond to it.
  • Step Four: After reviewing your response, the Appeal Committee will recommend one of the following:
    • a)   reactivating your account
    • b)   supporting the termination of your account
    • c)   requesting more information from you before making a decision

Revised: January 13, 2000