Past Initiatives

Community Learning Network

The Vancouver Community Learning Network will explore the effectiveness of using online interactive tools and public Internet access to support an ‘assets based community development’ process. Community participants will be residents of several neighbourhoods in East Vancouver. The project will help residents in their efforts to map community-based assets, improve the local economy, and develop plans for resolving critical issues in the community. The project is the result of a partnership between Human Resources Development Canada Office of Learning Technologies through their Community Learning Networks program, Vancouver Community Network and many Vancouver not-for-profit agencies.


Participating in a Canadian Research Alliance For Community Innovation And Networking


Vancouver Community Network was involved in two programs funded by Industry Canada and HRSDC from 1996-2012.  It operated in collaboration with 102 CAP organizations in the BC Lower Mainland.

There were two components to the program: CAP and CAPYI.

Industry Canada’s Community Access Program (CAP) gave thousands of Canadians free access to the Internet in places like schools, community centres and libraries. The aim of the program was to provide effective access to Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs), such as the Internet and even basic computer access, to those who otherwise face barriers to access.

Map of all CAP sites in the Lower Mainland

The CAP Youth Initiative was a program directed at giving youth an opportunity to get first hand experience working as interns in non-profit organizations in their city. Activities undertaken by CAP youth involve delivering Internet training sessions, researching and developing Web sites, drafting publicity materials, organizing information fairs and special events, and providing technical support to the CAP site. The CAPYI program transitioned into the current YI Program following the cut to CAP funding.