Youth Initiatives Program

The Youth Initiatives Program is a program directed at giving youth an opportunity to get first hand experience working as interns in non-profit organizations in their city. Activities undertaken by Youth Interns involve delivering Internet training sessions, researching and developing Web sites, drafting publicity materials, organizing information fairs and special events, and providing technical support to the CAP site.

Check out the Community Youth Magazine, featuring all the successes of Youth Interns and their Intern Host Organizations (IHOs)!

The program in BC is rooted from the support of VCN (Vancouver Community Network) and is funded primarily by HRSDC and Industry Canada. The Youth Initiatives program has now been running for approximately 10 years (formerly as CAPYI) with successful growth and development.

Throughout the history of Youth Initiatives, it has grown into a program that directly benefits the community through the help of interns. The interns who get placed at their specific IHOs are involved in the improvement, promotion and support of their site. The IHO network has over 30 sites that consist of book stores, art galleries, housing societies, community organizations, schools, libraries and more.