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WebGUI site and dialup issues resolved

Update: After further investigation, we found that a power disruption caused some servers to go down or fail. It is unlikely that the leap second directly affected VCN's services. On Saturday, June 30th, 2012, VCN's web site, other WebGUI sites, and VCN's dial-up service went down. Due to the time that the problem occurred, it… Read more »

Email issues related to the weekend power outage

Between Friday, June 15th 11PM and Monday, June 18th 10AM, an old email backup server was retrieving emails while the main email server was down. The backup server had some old emails so people would have received these old emails along with any new emails that was sent during the weekend. VCN will be restoring… Read more »

Resolved server issues and planned maintenance on Wed, June 20th between 10am and noon

During the planned power maintenance on Friday, June 15th, 2012, the emergency backup power failed to keep VCN's server operational. As a result, all servers lost power during the maintenance. Due to a faulty battery, VCN's main server was unable to startup automatically after the power failure and required maintenance. Dial-up and web sites were… Read more »

VCN help desk moving and alternative help desk phone number

Greetings VCN members, The VCN help desk will be moving to 333 Terminal Avenue between Thursday, April 26th and Monday, April 30th. During this time the help desk phone number, 604-257-3811, will be temporarily disconnected so it can be moved to the new office. An alternative number to reach the VCN help desk is 778-724-0826… Read more »

Save CAP

On Good Friday, April 6th, VCN and all other Community Access Program (CAP) networks across Canada received word that the Federal Government has decided to cease its funding of CAP. They have determined that they have "successfully met their objective to bring computer and Internet technologies to Canadians across the country", and have decided that… Read more »

Network Maintenance Tuesday, March 20th 7am-8am

[starrating template_id=4 select=’post’ category=6 min_votes=1]   Telus will be working on the Vancouver Public Library's network connection, where the main VCN servers are located. The maintenance will occur on Tuesday, March 20th, 2012 between 7am and 8am. As a consequence, users will not be able to connect to the Internet and outside users will not… Read more »