Free Internet Access via Dial-Up

We have three pools of 56K modems to allow users in the toll-free area in Greater Vancouver to get connected to the internet. For help on setting up your computer to dial up to the internet, consult the Setting Up Dialup section of the help pages.

Phone numbers for dial-up lines:

  1. 604.638.0189 – Regular User
  2. 604.638.0195 – Community Group Line
  3. 604.638.1365 – Alternate Number

All users can use any phone line at any time.

Dialup Sessions are limited to 6 hours minutes at a time. After 6 hours, you will be disconnected to allow others to connect. You can always re-connect to start a new dialup session. If you are experiencing connection problems, please consult Connection Problems help pages. For password problems, please consult Password Problems help pages.