Setting up Dial up

Configuring Windows

Windows 95/98/ME

Windows 2000

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows 10

Configuring The Mac

Mac OS 8.5 – 9

Mac OS 9.x


Configuring Ubuntu

Ubuntu 7-9

Ubuntu 7-9 with Gnome PPP

Dialup Connection Problems

There are a few basic areas where a Dial up problem can occur. Errors often occur between your computer and your modem, between your modem and our server, or our server does not accept your username/password.

Here are a few common Error Codes and the most common solution for them.

678 – There is no answer.

Solution: Check that you are dialing in to the correct server. 604-638-0189 for regular VCN users

680 – There is no dial tone.

Solution: Ensure that your phone line is connected to a phone outlet and to the correct port on your modem, usually Line or Line In

691 – Access denied because username and/or password is invalid on the domain.

Solution: For VCN accounts, you only need the username and not the, also your username and password are both case sensitive

797 – The modem could not be found.

Solution: If your modem seems to be correctly installed and you receive this error, you need to install/update the driver for the modem

Other common problems:

Two other common problems are software configuration and line quality.

Email clients, such as Outlook, sometimes automatically disconnect you after it is done checking your email. This can usually be fixed in your email account’s General Settings.

If you are getting frequent random disconnections, your line quality could be the problem. Try changing or shortening the phone line and remove any splitters.

How to Report an Error

If you having a problem and are a registered user of VCN, please help us to identify you on our system by providing us your full name, your username (not the password), and phone number.

Please provide a clear description, any error message(s), and the events leading to the problem. Also include which operating system you use, for example: Windows XP, Windows 98/ME or Macintosh OSX, and other software or hardware details that may help identify the problem. Our staff can only help if they can identify what kind of problem you’re having. The information you provide determines the next steps to be done and how we can fix it or help you to solve it.

Consider what changes you have made before the error occurred. How often does the error occur? When does the issue occur? Have you encountered similar problems before?

Example for Dial Up Problems:

I recently got a second hand computer that I would like to set up to VCN dial up. I created the connection from the guide VCN gave us. The new computer is using Windows XP. When I try to connect I get the error: 797 – The modem cannot be found.