Political Parties

We are a made-in-BC party under the leadership of Premier Gordon Campbell. We believe in a strong free enterprise economy that creates opportunities a

oin the free enterprise political party in the province of British Columbia, Canada. We place fiscal responsibilty & BC's sustainable

A pro-Canadian party dedicated to reclaiming and maintaining Canada's political and economic sovereignty as an independent country.

Promotes abandoning the ideology of unlimited economic growth and moving towards a sustainable society based on policies which are friendly to the

Go behind the scenes with Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal Express this summer .

Canada's social democratic party led by Jack Layton. Issues, events, information about MPs and how to join the party.

The province's social democratic party and Official Opposition. Led by Carole James.

Latest news and information from the Conservative Party of Canada. A Canadian political party led by Stephen Harper.

Provincial right-wing party. Barred from running in the 2001 election due to campaign spending violations. In the process of merging with other partie

The Green Party of Canada is a Canadian Federal Political Party with a modern