Email Help Procedure

Windows Live Mail

  1. Open Windows Live Mail
  2. A Pop-Up should automatically appear to add an e-mail account.
    NOTE: If it does not appear automatically: go to Accounts tab and click on Email button on the left panel.


  3. Enter the address to be shown in your e-mail eg. [email protected] in the E-mail address field.
  4. Enter your VCN password in the Password field. If you would like Windows Live Mail to remember your password make sure the Remember password check box is checked.
  5. Enter your Display Name. This is the name that will appear to people when you send e-mails.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Under Incoming Server Information enter in the incoming server field.
  8. Under Outgoing Server Information enter in the outgoing server field. (Using the Outgoing Mail Server ‘’ first requires registering for access HERE)
  9. Click Next. Then click Finish.