Email Help Procedure


To use the webmail program called ‘SquirrelMail’ you can login at the following address:

SquirrelMail offers an interface to your mail inbox that has lots of features and options, including:

  1. a folder system
  2. a filter system
  3. spellchecking with several international dictionaries
  4. several colour schemes
  5. and the ability to translate your messages using one of several translation servers on the Internet

E-mail any problems, comments, or suggestions you have with SquirrelMail to¬†[email protected].

How to check folder size

Follow below steps to check your folder sizes.

  1. Sign in into your account through
  2. After you logged in into your account, click on “Folder Sizes” on the left column as shown below:
  3. In the new window, you can see the sizes of each folder depending on the number of emails and their attachments you have moves/saved in those folders.

** Always try to keep your folder’s sizes small and below 100MB. If your account is large, you may not receive emails and communications.