VCN phones down Friday Sept 17

Sept 23th update: Please leave a voicemail on our backup phone number at 778-900-0826 for a call back. You may receive a call back from a different phone number.

Sept 17th update: The attacks are continuing so phone service will go up and down. Our phone provider is currently working on resolving the issue.

Update: VCN’s phones started to work Thursday, September 16th around noon.

VCN’s phone provider is being attacked. They’re currently fixing the issue.

VCN’s help desk phone number, 778-724-0826, will be down. The phone will ring but no one can pick up the call and you won’t be able to leave a voicemail. In the meantime, please email the help desk at [email protected]. VCN’s other phone numbers will also be down.

Dial-up phone numbers are not affected by this issue and will continue to work.