Help Procedure VCN Dialup

Ubuntu 7-9 with Gnome PPP

  1. Click on Application -> Internet -> Gnome PPP
  2. A Gnome PPP message box will appear
  1. Click on setup button.
  2. Click on Detect button beside the device menu and wait till the pop up box disappears.
  3. Click on Close button.
  1. Back to Gnome PPP message box
Type of User Phone Number
Regular User 604-638-0189
Community Group 604-638-0195
Alternate Number 604-638-1365
  1. Type in your username in the username box
  2. Type in your password in the password box
  3. Check on Remember password box
  4. In the Phone number box, put the 10 digit number without hyphens
  5. Click Connect button
  1. Creating Dial-up Shortcut To the desktop
  1. Click on Application -> Internet
  2. Drag Gnome PPP to the desktop
  1. Next time you want to connect VCN
  1. Click on the GNOME PPP
  2. Make sure you have correct username, password and phone number
  3. Click Connect and you are good to go