*TUES* MAWO Public Forum “Revolution or Counterrevolution: Which Way Forward for Syria?”

*TUES* MAWO Public Forum "Revolution or Counterrevolution: Which Way Forward for Syria?"
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Date: 6/10/2013 6:18 pm
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Date of event Tuesday June 11th
Location of event Joe's Cafe, 1150 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

MAWO Public Forum "Revolution or Counterrevolution: Which Way Forward for Syria?"
Revolution or Counterrevolution: Which Way Forward for Syria?

Joe's Cafe [In Large North Hall] 1150 Commercial Dr. at William St
Vancouver, Canada

Syria today faces an escalating U.S. lead and fomented civil war, where foreign imperialists and reactionary regional countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Qatar are funding and arming mercenaries in an attempt to bring down the independent government of Syria. The dependency of mercenaries and groups like the “Free Syrian Army” on their foreign backers is increasingly evident of imperialist military intervention in Syria.
Meanwhile, 4,500 U.S. troops along with patriot missiles and fighter jets have begun military exercises in Jordan, close to the border with Syria. This latest move comes as U.S. President Obama continues to make statements threatening a military intervention in Syria with various excuses we experienced in the time of U.S. aggression and occupation of Iraq.
Please join us in this forum to discuss:
>> Why do we call this the new era of war and occupation?
>> Why is Syria a factor in the U.S. strategy for hegemony in the Middle East?
>> How is the balance and relationship of forces played in the Middle East and North Africa today?
>> How should the antiwar movement respond to the war going on in Syria?

45 minutes Multimedia – Speakers – Discussion
>> Maryem Jamilah ~ Social justice activist and student union organizer from Tunisia, via videoconference
>> Ali Yerevani ~ (@aliyerevani), has been a social justice and anti-imperialist fighter for more than three decades and is the political editor of Vancouver-based Fire This Time newspaper and the Battle of Ideas Press. Ali was an active participant of 1979 Iranian Revolution.
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