Street Messaging System


VCN is developing a web-based text messaging platform that will instantly connect street involved, disadvantaged and vulnerable people in Metro Vancouver with vital information about shelter, food services, health alerts and employment/training opportunities.

Starting in the Downtown Eastside, and using simple text messages, VCN will web-enable direct messaging to help end street homelessness, locate emergency shelters, send alerts about ‘bad batches’, missing persons, and job/skills training.

VCN thanks the Canadian Internet Registry Association (CIRA) for recognizing how important our project is to disadvantage and vulnerable street-involved people in Vancouver. These funds will quickly be put to good use developing this program to increase the reach of all the Internet has to offer.

Where knowledge is power – putting that knowledge right into the hands of those who are most powerless is vital.  VCN welcomes any contribution to help pay SMS costs.