Spamcop can be used with any email system, however VCN squirrel mail is set up to report spam to them as described below

  1. Click on “sign up page” or go to to register for a SpamCop account.
  2. Read the rules for using SpamCop. Abusing SpamCop will permanently block you from their service.
  3. Wait for an email titled “SpamCop authorization” to find your SpamCop username and password.
  4. Login at
  5. Look for the line “Forward your spam to: [email protected] or”.
  6. Copy or write down the AUTHORIZATION_CODE that is between “submit.” and “”. AUTHORIZATION_CODE is filler. It will be a letter and number combination that is unique to your account.
  7. Go to “Options” at the top on Squirrelmail/webmail.
  8. Click on “SpamCop – Spam Reporting”.
  9. Change “Spam Reporting Method” to “Thorough email-based reporting”.
  10. Click on the “Save Method” button.
  11. Enter your authorization code from step 5
  12. Click on the “Save ID” button.
  13. It should now say “SpamCop link is: Enabled” at the top. If it is Disabled click on “Enable it”.
  14. If you want reported emails to be deleted click on “Enable it” for “Delete spam when reported”.
  15. When you read an email there should now be a link named “Report as Spam to SpamCop”. Click on this link to report SPAM.
  16. Click on “Send Spam Report” to send the report.
  17. The “SpamCop AutoResponder” will email you back once it analyzes the email
  18. The email will have the subject “[SpamCop] has accepted N email for processing”.
  19. Click on the link after “Use links to finish spam reporting (members use cookie-login please!):”
  20. Click on “Preview Reports” to see what will SpamCop send out.
  21. Click on “Send Spam Report(s) Now” to send the reports.