Sending VCN emails with any Internet provider

We are currently aware of issues sending out VCN emails with Telus and Shaw customers. You are no longer allowed to use Telus or Shaw’s email servers for another email addresses.

You can send out emails using your VCN account from any Internet provider. This service can be used if you have issues with any Internet provider or even if you don’t have any current issues.

To send out emails using your email account. You will need to activate the service with VCN. You can call the help desk at 778-724-0826 or fill out this form. Once the account is activated you will get a call back or an email.

VCN’s outgoing email service is or

The port is 587.

Logging in or authentication is required.

Encryption or also called SSL, TLS, or STARTTLS is required.

Do not enabled SPA or Secure Password Authentication.
Use “Normal Password” password when it’s available.

If you also need assistance configuring your email client please let us know.