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Scope of Helpesk Service: What services and issues is VCN not able to help with?


What services and issues is the VCN Helpdesk not able to help with?


VCN does not help with…

  • fix computers
  • install hardware, modems, printers, etc for users
  • troubleshoot hardware/software
  • teach how to use windows, word, excel and other software not related to VCN services.
  • debug/fix/write webpages
  • debug/fix/write cgi/php programs
  • setup advanced features in internet programs.

Note: VCN volunteers have the right not to provide assistance to issues outside the scope of VCN services.

Give user’s broad referral’s of help:

  • See the software/manufacturer’s help manual
  • See the software/manufacturer’s online support
  • free online sources of information
  • online discussion groups
  • buy-sell groups
  • the person who sold/gave them their computer
  • yellow pages
  • computer books at library
  • computer courses at educational institutions
  • Free Geek