Save CAP

On Good Friday, April 6th, VCN and all other Community Access Program (CAP) networks across Canada received word that the Federal Government has decided to cease its funding of CAP. They have determined that they have "successfully met their objective to bring computer and Internet technologies to Canadians across the country", and have decided that this program was not a priority while trying to balance the budget.

While the letter indicated that the CAP Youth Internship (CAP YI) program will remain funded, it is still unclear how this will happen without federally funding CAP sites.

VCN and other CAP network administrators across Canada are hoping that CAP funding will be reinstated over the coming weeks, but given the current political climate we need your help to make that happen! Some of the other CAP networks have launched websites to aid our endeavours, which you may be interested in visiting and/or contributing towards. Please visit the following website to find out more about how you can help save CAP.

The Nova Scotia CAP Association has begun an information and advocacy website to save CAP: The Pacific Coast Network Association has begun a survey to gather feedback from CAP users about why CAP is still very much needed, which will then be used to advocate for the funding to be re-instated: