Troubleshooting VCN Dialup

Resolving Common Dial-Up Issues


Computer user experiencing dial-up connectivity problem


  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Network settings
  • Telephone line
  • Network or outage
  • Check hardware setup from the device to the wall:

Computer– see if the computer, including its peripheral devices such as ports, batteries, and built-in modem meets the minimum system requirements for dial-up connection and is in good working condition. Otherwise,  have the problem device(s) checked by a technician before connecting to Internet.

Router / Modem– observe the light indicators  located in front of most device(s) for any problems such as interference, static or compatibility issues after ensuring that the device is powered on. The lights are normally solid green, such as on the first light indicator when the device has power or blinking when it is trying to establish connectivity. If there is no light for the needed service or the device is not working properly,  try to relocate the corresponding device(s) or cable wires for better signals especially when connecting wirelessly to Internet. Metals, walls, panels,  doors, and other materials can block or reduce wireless signals. If there is an RF signal saturation in the area, changing the channel through router’s GUI may be considered. For more information, see How to Change RF Channels on routers for wireless connection. Also try to check the manual for more information on how to resolve the issues before contacting the third-party manufacturer of the device(s). The light indicators for common modem and routers are as follows:

Figure 1: Modem Light Indicators



Figure 2: Rouers’ Light Indicators



Wires– look for breaks and ensure proper connections to devices and wall outlets. Otherwise, try to reseat cables or power cycle any problem device(s) for about 10 minutes. For more information, see How To Power Cycle devices.

  • Check for any software problem

Operating System or program installation
Program / Software settings including presence of malware
Drivers / Service Packs / Updates

  • Review Network Settings

Creating Dial-Up Networking (DUN) connections

  • Check the telephone connection

Line connectivity such as by dialing the access number using the actual phone

  • See VCN announcement  for any outage and network issues or call VCN Help Desk