Peter Royce – April 5, 1953 to November 4, 2009

Peter Royce has served VCN and its members with great dedication, devotion and support from 1996 until 2006, when he had to stop working due to his health. His main vision was that one day the Internet will be accessible by anyone in the community, the same way as public goods (like highways, libraries and schools) are accessible to the public.

Thanks to Peter’s initiative and support, VCN is the organization that administers the Community Access Programs (CAP and CAPYI) in Vancouver and BC Lower Mainland. The program allows many community groups and agencies to provide Internet access for people living in the digitally divided areas and population.

Peter Royce had a great passion for teaching the community members and groups in computer literacy and most recent Internet related tools and knowledge. He also developed training modules in computer and Internet literacy, website development, mailing lists and emailing. He had presented many free workshops on these themes for the “least served” communities and individuals. Peter Royce had also developed much of the VCN’s website, organized the membership database, and contributed to the good standing of the Society in general.

Peter Royce played a pivotal role in maintaining good relations with our funders, like the City of Vancouver, Vancouver Foundation and the Gaming Branch of the Provincial government.

Peter Royce will be greatly missed by VCN members, his colleagues and the board of directors.