Outlook 2003

Here are the instructions for Outlook 2003 in case you were interested to know.

  1. Start Outlook 2003, and on the Tools menu, click E-mail accounts:
  2. Select Add a new email account and Press Next:
  3. ol_2003_2

  4. Select POP3 and press on Next button:
  5. For the part where it says to type your User Information, please type:
    • Your Name, which you would like to use to identify yourself.
    • Also, type your e-mail address, which for example, can be yourname@vcn.bc.ca.


  6. For the part where it says to type your Logon Information, please type your username (without the @vcn.bc.ca); please type also your password:
    ol_2003_4 .2
  7. For the part where it says to type in your Server Information:

    6-1. When you use VCN outgoing server (You need to register in advance):

    • Please type your Incoming mail server (POP3): mail.vcn.bc.ca
    • Your Outgoing mail server (SMTP): out.vcn.bc.ca
    • ol_2003_4_4

    • Press on More Settings button, go to Advanced tab, and change the configurations as following:

      – Incoming server (POP3): 110
      – Check “The server requires a secure connection (SSL)” check-box
      – Outgoing server (SMTP): 587
      – Check “The server requires a secure connection (SSL)” check-box

    • Press on Ok button.
    • ol_2003_advanced_1

    6-2. When you use VCN dial up connection:

    • field enter mail.vcn.bc.ca
    • select No Authentication

    6-3. When you use Other Internet Service Provider (ex. Shaw, Telus,..):

    • For Shaw, it is mail.shaw.ca
    • Similarly, with Telus, it is smtp.telus.net
    • Please follow the each Outgoing mail server guide of ISP
    • Note: However, if you are using other Internet providers, your SMTP may be different.


  8. After you are done filling out the User Information, Logon Information, and Server Information, click on More Settings:
  9. Click on the Outgoing Server tab:
  10. Check the box My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication. Click on the radio button, Use same settings as my incoming mail server:
  11. Click OK once you are done
  12. Click Finish: