iPhone Email Configuration (iOS 10)

  1. Go to Settings application and click Mail.

2. Click Accounts.

3. Click Add Accounts.

4. Click Other.

5. Click Add Mail Account.

6. Fill in the information. Please ensure the email and password are correct.

7. Fill in the information.

POP/IMAP server: mail.vcn.bc.ca
Mailbox type: IMAP (could be IMAP4)Security type: TLS
Port number: 143

When you use Other Internet Service Provider (ex. Shaw, Telus…)
Please follow the each Outgoing mail server guide of ISP
1. Example to Shaw.
2. SMPT server: mail.shaw.ca
3. Security type: Off
4. Port number: 25 when you use VCN outgoing server, but you need to register in advance.

  1. Server Name: out.vcn.bc.ca
  2. Port: 587
  3. Connection security: STARTTLS
  4. Authentication method: Normal password
  5. User Name: Your VCN email address without @vcn.bc.ca

8. Click Save.