Troubleshooting VCN Dialup

How to check for issues with dial up access numbers


Users are unable to connect to the internet using VCN dial up access


Problem with the dial up servers

  • Verify if there is an issue with the dial up servers
    • Open the MRTG to see the current trend on how many users are connected via dial up. If the graph shows no users are logged in, it can be a sign that there is an issue with the servers
    • Call the dial up numbers. You should hear high-pitched squealing tones. If you hear:
      • A busy signal – The lines are busy. Users can try again or use a different number to dial up.  Check MRTG to see usage to verify this.
      • Static or popping noise – Line quality for this number is bad. Escalate this issue to a senior staff or system administrator.
      • Continuous ringing and the access number do not pick up the line – Access could be down. Check the MRTG graph to verify usage. Escalate issue to the system administrator.
  • Escalate this issue to VCN system administrator