Other Services

How to Connect to Telnet

Two ways to connect to VCN Telnet are:

  • In your browser, enter in the address telnet://www.vcn.bc.ca


  1. In Windows, go to StartRun
  2. Type telnet and hit Enter
  3. Type open vcn.bc.ca and hit Enter
  4. Enter in your VCN Username and Password

To disconnect when you are done, hit q


What is available on VCN Telnet

VCN’s Telnet site is basically the old VCN website that has not been used since 2002. However, there are still a few basic services on the telnet site, and a few VCN services that are not accessible any other place.

Basically, the first four options, (1)About Us, (2)Community Pages, (3)Community Events, and (4)What’s New, are all from that old site and are no longer supported. (5)Email and (6)Discussions are still available, and some parts of (8)Other – File System


When accessing your VCN email through telnet, there are three help files there that can show you how to use email. You can also edit your signature and automatically forward your VCN email to a different address by using the email option (8)Change your email forwarding options. This service is not supported our Webmail. You can also use (9)Enable/Disable the Vacation System to set your email to send automatic responses when you are away.