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Emergency Contraception/ Willow Women’s Clinic
Oct 16 @ 11:11 pm

Emergency Contraception
The Willow Women’s Clinic offers a range of services including medical abortions, IUD insertion, emergency contraception IUD insertions, diaphragm and cervical cap fitting.  This is not a walk-in clinic and do not make any appointments in person.  Please call us to make an appointment.  Suite 1013 – 750 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC  T 604 709 5611
e-mail:  willowwomensclinic@yahoo.ca

The Elizabeth Bagshaw Women’s Clinic offers counselling services and abortion.  The services are available to women without valid BC Care Card and non-residents.  If you have a valid BC Care Card, there are no fees for any of our services.  No drop-ins allowed, must make an appointment.  Suite 200 – 1177 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC  T 604 736 7878

Seniors Resource & Depression @ Mood Disorders Association of BC
Oct 17 @ 6:53 pm

Mood disorders Association of BC
It’s important to openly talk about problem solving as an alternative to suicide.  Reassure the person that you care, that you have plenty of time to talk and that you will help them to get help.  1 855 282 7979

If you suspect that a senior is feeling suicidal there are some things you can do.  If you believe there is an immediate danger based on the aucte signs, call 911 right away and do not leave the person alone until help is on the scene.

Crisis Centre Seniors’ Distress Line 604 872 1234