Email Troubleshooting

Cannot Send Email


Cannot send email on Windows or Mac computer


There can be a variety of issues why email cannot be sent such as:

  • Connection Problems
  • Program or Folder Corruption
  • Server Setting  Issues
  • User’s VCN account is validated as TEXT and not PPP.(Usually reported by customers who have new VCN accounts)

Check computer and cables for proper internet connection. For more information, please refer to Resolving Connectivity Issues or Resolving Common Dial-Up Issues.

There can be other conflicting programs like antivirus software or something in the email program itself that may be causing the issues such as corrupted folders. Try to temporarily deactivate conflicting program(s) or clear pending message(s) in the Outbox Folder to correct some basic issues

Check the server settings as indicated below for the supported email clients such as OutlookOutlook ExpressThunderbird, and Apple Mail:

Email Client Server Settings:

Incoming (POP):
Outgoing Server (SMTP):

For users connected to the internet using another ISP, ask the user to check with their Internet provider on the correct pop3/smtp server settings of their Outgoing Mail Server.(example: Shaw:, Telus:

Incoming Server: or outgoing mail server of ISP Provide(the same as Outgoing Server)
Incoming / Outgoing User Name: anything before the @ symbol in user’s email address such as someone for the email address
Incoming Mail Port#: 110
Outgoing Mail Port#: 25

If issue is caused by VCN account validated as TEXT:

  • Log into PUTTY and check the user’s account.
  • Enable PPP access for the account.
  • If this does not resolve the issue, escalate to a senior staff.