Autoresponder / Email Forwarding

To setup auto-respond and Email Forwarding

  1. Sign in to VCN Webmail

  2. Click on Options at the top:

  3. Select Autoresponder / Mail Forwarding

  4. Enable auto-reply to sender – allows you to send Automatic Replies when you’re away:

    • Check off the box to activate the feature.
    • It is also possible to edit Subject or Message text.
    • auto-reply

  5. Forward incoming message – allows automatically forward all messages to another e-mail account:

    • Check off the box to activate the feature.
    • Add forwarding email address (one address per line).
    • forward

  6. Click on Submit:
    • NOTE: do not un-check following check-box (see screen-shot below) if you want to save copies of incoming messages