3-BAND "FUN-RAISER" Sat. Dec. 7

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Date: 12/3/2013 3:46 pm
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Date of event Dec. 7, 2013
Location of event Russian Hall, 600 Campbell Ave, Strathcona

"FUN-RAISER", 3 Bands, 8pm Sat. Dec 7: supporting an SFU bursary in memory of Mary Steinhauser, social worker & prisoner advocate, killed in a BC Pen hostage incident. Dance to Mercer Van Eyes, Mud Bay Blues Band & Jughead, Russian Hall (licensed), 600 Campbell Ave, Strathcona, Vanc. $10 or by donation.  Who was Mary? On June 11, 1975, Ms.  Steinhauser, a 32 yr old nurse and social worker, died tragically in a blaze of gunfire after a 41-hour hostage-taking incident at the BC Penitentiary in New Westminster. Her heroic actions on that night made national and international headlines. A BC Hero, Mary was a tireless crusader and advocate for prisoners’ rights, many of whom were aboriginal, and people with mental illnesses or handicaps. The bursary in her name will help first nations undergrads in arts & social sciences at SFU.