Outlook 2010

Here are the instructions for Outlook 2010 in case you were interested to know.

    1. Start Outlook 2010:
    2. Open Account Setup wizard:

      2.1 If it’s your first email account (first time open):

      • When prompted to configure an email account, click Next:ol_2010_3
      • To add an email account, click Yes, and then click Next.

      2.2 If you want to add additional email account:

      • Go to File tab:ol_2010_2
      • Click on Add account:ol_2010_4
    3. Near the bottom, select the button that says, “Manually configure server settings or additional server types”, and press on Next button:ol_2010_5
    4. Select the first option “Internet E-mail” and press on Next button:ol_2010_6

  1. For the part where it says to type your User Information, please type:
      • Your Name, which you would like to use to identify yourself.
      • Also, type your e-mail address, which for example, can be yourname@vcn.bc.ca


  2. For the part where it says to type your Logon Information, please type your username (without the @vcn.bc.ca); please type also your password:ol_2010_7 _2
  3. For the part where it says to type in your Server Information:

    7.1. Using the Outgoing Mail Server ‘out.vcn.bc.ca’ first requires registering for access HERE.

  4. NOTE: If you wish to use Telus or Shaw as your internet provider, please go to your provider’s website and follow their Outgoing Server settings.
      • Please type your Incoming mail server (POP3): mail.vcn.bc.ca
      • Your Outgoing mail server (SMTP): out.vcn.bc.caol_2010_7_3
      • Press on More Settings button:ol_2010_7_4
      • Go to Advanced tab, and change the configurations as following:- Incoming server (POP3): 110
        – Check “The server requires a secure connection (SSL)” check-box

        – Outgoing server (SMTP): 587
        – Check “The server requires a secure connection (SSL)” check-box

      • Press on Ok button.


    7.2. When you use VCN dial up connection:

    • field enter mail.vcn.bc.ca
    • select No Authentication


  5. After you are done filling out the User Information, Logon Information, and Server Information, click on More Settings:ol_2010_7_4
  6. Click on the Outgoing Server tab.
  7. Check the box My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication. Click on the radio button, Use same settings as my incoming mail server:ol_2003_7
  8. Click OK once you are done with Outgoing Server tab.
  9. Click Next:ol_2010_10
  10. Click Finish:ol_2010_11