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Free Computer Classes
Sep 21 @ 9:28 pm

Free Computer Classes & Computer Drop-in at:

UBC Learning Exchange, 612 Main Street, Vancouver, BC T 604 408 5164  E:  learning.exchange@ubc.ca

Vancouver Downtown East Education Centre, 101 Powell Street, Vancouver, BC T 604 713 5760   MS Office Word, Excel & PowerPoint

Vancouver Public Library – Central Branch, 350 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC T 604 331 3603

Carnegie Centre – 401 Main Street, Vancouver, BC T 604 665 2220

Burnaby Public Library, 7311 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC T 604 522 3971

West End Seniors Newtork (for 55 +), 1447 Barclay Street, Vancouver, BC T 604 669 5051

South Vancouver Neighbourhood House (membership required), 6470 Victoria Drive, Vancouver, BC T 604 324 6212

For those who volunteer with an organization, free computer at Free Geek, 1820 Pandora Street, Vancouver, BC T 604 879 4335

Free e-mail and computer use at the Vancouver Community Network, 280-111 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC T 778 724 0826

BC Coalition of People with Disabilities
Sep 22 @ 10:00 am

The Persons with Persistent and Multiple Barriers (PPMB) benefit is for people who are unable to work because they have severe and multiple barriers to employment.  You maybe eligible for certain health supplements and may be able to keep up to $500 a month in earned income.

Contact your Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation (MSDSI) office and let them know you want to apply for PPMB. Addictions of any kind may not count as an eligible medical condition under the PPMB rules.

Find an Employment and Assistance Office in your community (Call first to confirm address and hours of operation).
180 Main St
205 Powell St
687 Powell St
2350 Commercial Dr
5550 Fraser St

For BC residents, please call for details: 1-866-866-0800